Most spoken languages in the world, and why English is important

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You may be surprised to know that the most spoken language in the world is not English. At 1.3 billion people, the native speakers of the Chinese language far outnumber any other group. While it’s true that 14.1% percent of the world’s population speaks Chinese, the most widely spoken language is still – you guessed it – English. 


Why is English so popular?

This is largely because of colonialism; the British empire ruled nearly a quarter of the globe at its peak, which led to the English language becoming the most widely adopted one by a vast number of non-native speakers (a non-native speaker is one who has a different native tongue from the language being used), so while it not be the most spoken one, it’s certainly the most popular one, and has come to be recognised as the global lingua franca. 


What is the English language useful for?

Today, the English language is the prime language used in most international businesses, the media, research papers, education, and across several different cultures. This is a language that has monopolised most industries for decades, even the internet now, and subsequently has become the stepping stone for us all for better jobs, better opportunities, and better lives, overall.

How can you be better at the language?

With our resources being what they are today, we’re able to very easily consume staggering amounts of content at just the touch of a few buttons. This also gives us access to several tools of learning such as apps for spoken English, dictionary apps (both, online and offline versions facilitating learning on-the-go), soft skills training to improve on your existing knowledge of the language, and more. Of course, the easiest, most effective way to learn English (as it is the case with any other language), is to practice using it as much as possible with the people around you.


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