Improve your spoken English (app-based learning)

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Much like a few others, English is a combination of elements from more than a single language system. The introduction of different words and phrases into the language over different time periods has led to it being a very nuanced system with different rules applicable for varied usage of the language. In addition to this, it has come to be the most popularly spoke language across the globe, and there are nothing but advantages to learning it.

How to improve your spoken English?

  • A lot of people think that they’ll be able to learn a language just from listening to other people speak to each other. While it is helpful in its own right, because you’ll certainly better understand the language (and different accents, etcetera), but producing it (speaking and writing) remains a challenge without the inclusion of regular practice with using English. So, make it a point to communicate with your friends, colleagues or family members who are comfortable with the language, and you’ll find yourself becoming increasingly fluent, as you practice more.
  • Other things that help are reading out loud, and listening to recordings of yourself speaking. These can help you identify things like pronunciation and grammatical errors in your speech.
  • Ensure that the resources you use for your English learning are to your level. Not having that can be quite discouraging, and make your learning process overwhelming.
  • In the initial stages of your learning, try to be as regular as possible with your lessons. Losing your practice routine for long periods of time hinders your progress.
  • English learning apps are becoming increasingly popular, and are a pretty good way to stay in the routine of learning, while also giving you the much needed practice, and the regular interactions you need to be able to become fluent with the language.

  • Lastly, and very importantly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes; those are very much a part of all learning. A lot of us tend to get really wrapped up with the mistakes we make, so much so that we don’t really acknowledge our progress. Take your time with it, and have fun with it!
Learning a new language can be an exciting process.

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