Will english learning app ever rule the world?

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We wouldn’t know anything about apps ruling the world or being lost in our phones for hours without even realising what’s happening around us; or do we? We have apps on our mobile phones taking over our world, a very welcome one at that. We have an alarm app to wake us up, apps to watch over our productivity, diet, exercise. We even have an app to check our app usage time. With technology so advanced, why shouldn’t we take advantage of it and learn English, business English, English for communication while we are at it? Here are a few pointers as to why English learning apps are taking over.


  • English learning has become widely popular because it has become a must have requirement for  jobs. The word ‘job’  is among the most searched words on the internet. English learning apps are making it a priority to cater and reach learners of the new world.


  • Video content is the next big content on demand and English learning apps have made access to English learning videos, English for communication widely popular.


We have apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime who provide movies and sitcoms on your phone. People are keen to learn English to enjoy English movies and other entertainment programs. 


  • English is a widely recognised language and a record number of people are either learning or improving their English. There are different types of learning platforms like English for speaking, English for Business, English grammar. A good learning platform will provide you all these in their classes.


  • With the advent of apps, Live online classes are a reality. There are platforms where they might let the student talk. Find a learning app which does live classes and you can talk with the teacher to ask questions and doubts. 


  • Learn English at the comfort of your home , from your phone,  where the only thing you need are your phone with headphones. 


Have English learning apps taken over the world already? Jump on the bandwagon and start exploring the learning apps before it is too late.

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