6 Compelling reasons why you need English learning

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There has been a reasonable increase in desire to learn the “English” language among many over the past few years. However,although they manage to put themselves into the list of so called “English learners”, they are still trying to figure out the exact reasons behind them putting so much effort. Maybe we can be of some help to these learners by giving them some insights as to why they need or why english learning is so important.

Here they are…

It is a universal or global language

English happens to be the most widely spoken language across the globe. No doubt, it is also equally one of the most difficult languages to master. In spite of this, it is the commonly used language among foreign speakers to remove communication barriers. Hence, making it a number one universal language.


Gateway to more job opportunities

Many large or multinational companies around the world want their employees to speak and communicate in English. In addition, English is also great to build careers in travel, retail, tourism,hospitality,aviation,science and computers. Therefore knowing English can open doors to more job opportunities. It enhances one’s chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within their home country as well as abroad.

Travelling anywhere in the world becomes a lot easier

English learning makes travelling anywhere in the world much easier. This is because one out of five people around the world can speak or at least understand English.As it is also the official language of 53 countries. So,there is nothing much to worry if he/she doesn’t know the local language of any country.Whether it is finding the nearest bus stop or train station, knowing a little bit of English can help solve problems abroad, no matter what country someone is visiting.

It is the language of the internet

In today’s age of internet, English is the most important language that is used online. More than half of the content available on the internet is written in English.Hence in order to access and understand the content online one must know English.

Unlimited access to resources

Once someone enrolls himself or herself to learn English they are most likely to discover that learning English is actually quite easy. As English is a global and such a widespread language, the resources one can use to learn english are endless. There are tons of resources available on the internet for free. Besides watching sitcoms or cartoons in english on YouTube, netflix and other english websites is always for free. So, English is everywhere. One can take advantage of it whenever they wish to.

Improves Confidence

Learning a language is definitely not an easy task and we are all aware of it. But the benefits that follow with the ability to communicate with a wide variety of people is incredible. It will not only be an added skill to one’s resume but also a boost to their confidence. The exchange of thoughts, hopes, fears and opinions become much easier. Further this ability to help and communicate with so many people will also help to earn more respect for a particular person. 

We are now sure that these dedicated “English learners’’ will not lose hope and think it as a waste of time and money. But instead feel motivated and blessed that- choosing to learn english was the best decision they have ever made.

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