3 Common Reasons why your English Learning Isn’t Working (And How to fix it)

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Have you been trying to improve your English fluency lately? If so, do you fail to notice your learning graph rising? Well, there can be a few causes behind this. But let us look into the three common reasons as to why your English learning isn’t really working and how you can fix them.


English Learning requires time

As per the saying goes, “practice makes a man perfect”, one needs to apply this here to. Learning and improving English requires a lot of time. These days because of busy lives maximum number of people study or join classes only on the weekends. This means they are not spending sufficient time on it. Therefore in order to keep improving, you need to devote at least one hour everyday practising.

How to fix it

Switching or opting to join an app based learning program can help fix this issue. “enguru’’ is one such app which offers you the flexibility to learn from anywhere at any time. Whether you are in the office or travelling back home in a metro or bus,you are always free to join the classes. Further it saves up on your time and expenses for travelling to classes on weekends.

Not creating an environment to learn and speak in English

Be it your home, work or your social environment, it needs to be an English speaking one. You may not be surrounded by English speaking family members at all times.Also in your workplace, you may not always find yourselves interacting in English. So, you mostly end up speaking in your mother tongue or any other native language.

How to fix it

enguru’s live classes is one of the best solutions to improve your spoken English. Here you get an opportunity to interact and have real life conversations with your other co-learners in English. You can even correct your mistakes in the presence of a teacher in these online sessions. Besides, you can definitely get yourselves a collection of English novels, magazines, audios and movies. Last, but not least, you can always practice speaking to yourself as much as you can.

Restricted to just offline resources

If you are an offline student, you are given a number of study resources or materials. With these materials one tends to waste a lot of time. This is because you never really know how much you are learning or progressing. As a matter of fact you have to wait until your end of term or year exams to check your progress.

How to fix it

One can easily learn from the online videos that are available on the enguru app. You can even watch informative videos on youtube. There is also an option for you to practice your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills at one go. Once you do these activities, the app automatically checks your progress in terms of these four skills. Hence you know which key areas you need to improve in, in-real time basis. In case if you are unaware of your grammatical errors, the app checks them as well. Isn’t that amazing.

Now that you have found a way to fix the above issues, Why wait and miss an opportunity to learn and improve your English even further? Download the enguru app right now and have a great learning experience. 

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