What is Business Communication?

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Business communication is the exchange of information within and outside an organization. Communication in businesses is considered successful when there an increase in clarity, and reduction in error in achieving goals of the organization. That is why miscommunication can be very costly for a business. 

Let’s look at some of the features of business communication: 

  • Business communication is more formal and organized 
  • Use of emotions and feelings are considered unprofessional 
  • It is always used to get a person or persons to do a task or an action
  • It is never used for entertainment or for literary appeal
  • Charts, graphs, tables, diagrams are frequently used 
  • Business messages are usually preserved as proof of work done or proof of communication 
  • Miscommunication can prove to be very costly for a business or may even lead to legal action in some cases

Effective business communication is key in improving the overall efficiency of an organization. Teams that communicate with other teams successfully often create harmony, transparency and a healthy working atmosphere within the organization, which is critical for the organization’s growth and success. 

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Have you come across any miscommunications in the business world? 

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