3 Reasons Why Technology & Language Learning are Wedded

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There have been many technological innovations that have made a significant and a positive impact on our lives. And one of the most significant ways that it has impacted our lives is how it has changed the way we learn and educate ourselves. 

Let us consider language learning for a moment. Before technological innovations, it was time consuming to find tutors who were good at the target language and also knew how to teach. And it was costly to pay them their course fee.

However, technology has revolutionised language learning in a few significant ways. Let’s see how. 

  • Improved accessibility: Now anyone with a smartphone or an access to a computer can start learning right away, at the comfort of their homes, without having to spend money on travelling or wate time on finding the right tutors 
  • Learning from great educators: Before technological innovation, only a few lucky people could learn from talented, inspiring and creative educators. Now, with technology, millions can have access to educators who create content that is interesting and interactive so that language learning becomes truly a fun and a worthwhile experience
  • Reduction in cost: The most significant impact of technology on language learning is that it has reduced the cost of high-quality language learning materials, that were otherwise very expensive for a large number of people 


As a result, millions around the world are learning, communicating and doing business in new languages that they have learnt or are learning. It is giving corporations and organizations the edge that they need to train their employees, even if their low training budgets are low. 

Technology is here to stay. And with technology evolution of new teaching methods that are proven to work is a given. 

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