English Learning: Expectations vs. Reality

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Learning is a beautiful process. The way an individual learns depends on factors like their availability, time, interest in the subject/topic. English learning has always been interesting as long as they have an appreciation for the language. Let’s look at a few factors that come in handy while choosing your learning platform.





Motivation  My motivation level will be high but will come down gradually as I may lose interest or might get busy with other commitments It’s important to keep your motivation levels high by not stopping the learning and continuously learning and engaging in learning activities. Examples: Watching youtube videos, watching English movies, etc.
Right platform Online learning may not be a great place for two way communication which is important for learning. The teacher may not be qualified enough to help me. Online learning is very effective provided you team up with the perfect learning app. Online learning is a very popular choice for the fast moving world. It is essential that you take the classes with trained and certified teachers. 
Learning is continuous I can learn only for an hour or two in class. I will remember them and I can be a master in that topic or subject. Learning isn’t useful until you can implement it. Learning doesn’t stop at the class. It is continuous and useful when we learn daily and use the language.
English learning is easier than you think English learning may be boring and uninteresting. The teachers my burden me with extra work and might not respect me because of my knowledge about the language. Teachers can be your best friends in classes like Spoken English, Business English and communication related courses.



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