How to slay the business jargon demon

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What are jargons? Words used by a profession that are difficult and confusing for others to understand. Now, what are business jargons, you ask. These are specialized words used by corporations and organizations that are difficult to understand. 


Do we really need to slay the business jargon demon? Afterall, they are just harmless words, right? 

Being difficult and confusing is precisely why this demon needs to be slayed. Let’s understand why. 

Here’s a short quiz for you. Can you tell what these jargons mean?

  • high net worth individual 
  • implementation mode 
  • transformative impact



Huh? Exactly. It is confusing, right? By the way “high net worth individual” individual means she/he is rich, “implementation mode means” doing the task that is assigned, and “transformative impact” simply means something that causes a shift in viewpoint. 

This is what jargons do. It feels as though jargons add a lot of weight to what we say and make us come across as important and high functioning, but all they do is make the meaning unclear. 

To quote Charles Crowe, “All these explanations (jargons) lack granularity and do not contain metrics sufficient to us know if we need a new paradigm”. This is his (Crowe’s) witty was of saying that jargons lack clear meaning and do not communicate the intended meaning to let us know what is going on! 

Being able to use interesting words and being creative in how we use language is great, but being clear, precise and concise is better and more important. And often necessary to get the job done. 

So the next time you come across the jargon demon, be sure to slay it! 

And do let us if you have come across any jargons that have stumped in the comments below. 

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