Do and don’ts of workplace talking etiquette

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While workplaces have evolved massively over the past decade or two, Workplace etiquette has always been around and has changed very little. We will look at a few that have not changed.

  1. Do respect your co workers privacy. Open offices and spaces is the new thing but that is not an open invitation to swoop in on your co workers work or space. Be kind and courteous to your co employees.
  2. Don’t be loud on the phone, especially your personal calls. All the employees have left the comfort or discomfort of their homes to work and contribute to the organisation.
  3. Do make sure the meeting room is available, well in advance. Online trainings and skills workshop need spaces to for long hours to be efficient.
  4. Do not disturb someone when they are off work. If it’s something that can wait until Monday or until when they are back, let it be.
  5. Always be polite, courteous and offer to help if you can. You do need the odd favour and helping hands a few times in your job. You will always be in the good books of the organisation.
  6. Small talk is welcome and is also encouraged but refrain from discussing salaries, gossips and sensitive information related to work.


Let the workspace be where professionalism and comradery thrive. Which workplace etiquette is your favorite one?

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