How watching English videos can enhance your spoken English

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine the impact of moving pictures on a human’s mind. English videos may not necessarily be about learning or the rules of the English language. The three way impact of observing someone pronounce, using a specific order of words and creating an impression on your mind is something few other mediums of learning offer.

Learning a language need not necessarily be in a classroom environment. The right kind of learning should happen seamlessly, anywhere, anytime and most importantly, should be imprinted in your subconscious mind.

English Language specific videos

There are many videos with different kinds of authors and teaching styles. Choose your favorite ones from youtube, sample it and join those classes. There are classes ranging from Business English to improving your communication skills on various topics. Use these to build your English vocabulary. There are many on youtube and you can find some online classes which cater to learners with different teachers.


Movies are one if not the best kind of resource to learn about stress and intonation of a sentence. All these are done by your favorite actor in a dramatised setting. The best part is that your friends can take part in it without getting bored easily.


The retention rate is high from videos as compared to other mediums of learning. Add it with the convenience of watching the videos on your smartphones multiplies the benefits of video based learning.

Improve your language and communication skills in a subtle manner that some cannot learn  even after attending countless classes. 

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