How does enguru teach English from different vernacular languages?

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Why learning from vernacular languages is easier 

  • Learning starts at home, not from the school. We acquire learning skills from school and work on it.
  • The participation rate is higher when a teacher who knows a local language teaches in the class.
  • A learner who knows how to read and write in a local language can learn English faster as knowledge and skills can be transferred easily between languages. Learner only needs to know how the words in English language sound.

With online learning picking up in fast paced India, courses in business training, business negotiations and communication skills have become some of the most sought after topics.

enguru can help you learn English faster from vernacular languages. Here’s how

  •  There are instructions given in vernacular languages so the learner can find out what he is supposed to do in any activity.
  • There are videos on youtube enguru channel pointing out common errors , meanings of phrases in many local languages so the learners can learn English quicker with references from the local languages.
  • Teachers at enguru have knowledge of the local languages. They are trained to understand the learner’s difficulties and support them during the learning process. 
  • enguru live classes have students from different parts of the country and the learners are encouraged to participate in pair activities to motivate each other to learn.

Have you tried any live online classes or webinars before? How was your experience?

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