Email Etiquette Part 1

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One of the fastest growing and changing branches of English is Business English. This is English which is used at workplaces which is different from Spoken English. This involves English for sending business emails, telephone etiquette etc. Today, we will discuss one such topic in detail, Email Etiquette. The following is the basic structure for writing an email:


This is like the headlines of a newspaper. If it is not precise, the recipient might not be interested to read the email.



This is also called Salutation. It can be formal or informal depending on your relationship with the recipient. 

  • Dear Mr/Ms. + Last name of the recipient- Dear Ms Sharma,
  • Dear + First name of the recipient- Dear Abhay,
  • Hi Babita,


If you are sending an email to a recipient to who you’ve never spoken earlier, introduce yourself and your job role. Continue with telling the recipient, the purpose of sending the email. This will be in addition to the subject already mentioned.



This part of the email is the main body. Always divide this in bullet points. If that does not seem possible, divide it into paragraphs. Follow the rule of one thought, one paragraph.

  • Ask/Action – This is the last part of the body of the email which includes the points of action or requests if any. This needs to be a separate paragraph/ bullet point so that the recipient of the email remembers it and can conveniently look at it again.
  • Closing/Sign-off – End your emails with ‘Thank you./ Looking forward to your reply./ Hope to hear from you soon.’ After this, sign off using ‘Warm regards,/ Best regards,/ Best wishes,’ and followed by your name.

Why should you know the structure of an email?


Writing perfect emails holds the potential to make you come across as a credible resource to your stakeholders. This also ensures faster action on your emails.


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