First impression is the last impression

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We have all grown up with our parents and/or teachers telling us this. What exactly is first impression?


It is the image that another person forms of you when you meet for the first time. This is why it is extremely important because this comes in handy at workplaces too. A job in an interview can be guaranteed to you only based on your first impression.


So, what makes a good first impression? Is it only the clothes and accessories that you wear? Or does it also include how you speak. Well, it is a combination of many factors. Two of those are listed above. A few more are facial expressions and body language.


Speech – Here is where you can use your communication skills in English. 

  1. Start strong. Don’t wait for the interviewer to start. Introduce yourself by saying “ Hi, my name is Amit. How are you doing today?” 
  2. After giving your introduction, say “Pleased to meet you.” Or “Nice to meet you.” 
  3. If the interviewer asks you a question which confuses you, repeat the question to the interviewer in your words. For example: If the interview says “ Please tell me about the most challenging situation you have dealt with.” You can repeat this to the interviewer by saying “If I understand you correctly, you would like me to talk about the most challenging situation I have dealt with.” 
  4. When the interview is over, say “It was a pleasure meeting you.” Or “Thank you for your time.”


Body Language – This shows the interviewer if you are prepared and/or nervous. It helps him/her to decide on your candidacy. Here are a few tips that will help you

  1. Always sit straight. If the chair in uncomfortable, sit on the edge so that your posture is straight.
  2. Do not fold your hands. Keep them at the side if you don’t know what to do with them. Try to use your hands to express what you say.
  3. Maintain constant eye contact with the interviewer. Do not look at other things in the room while the interviewer is talking to you or you to the interviewer.
  4. Do not move around in an interview. It shows that you are nervous. Pick a place, preferably from where the interviewer can see you clearly , and sit there.

These tip will encourage healthy workplace conversations. Adopt them for your next interview and let us know how it to goes. Good luck!


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