How to build a good resume?

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Take a seat back and think for a minute of all the best days of your life. Now spin an amazing story with all the details you got. This should be your resume but filled with your academic achievements. 


Less is more

A resume need not tell your entire story but should highlight your strengths and how you are a strong candidate for the job. 



How many of you read the complete job description? What you need to mention in your resume are the skills and keywords that the human resources.Mention all about your corporate training relevant to the position you are applying.


Be simple, Be sample

Your resume should stand out amongst the other resumes. It should appeal to the people choosing even if there are two hundred applicants. It should be picked up for the right reasons.


Be that one percent better

Positions don’t necessarily mention the aptitude skills or tertiary skills. Learn the customised skills for the job role, communication skills, Business skills, Negotiation skills if your role requires them. 

If you are applying for a different industry

Learn those new online courses. Try free online classes first if you aren’t sure. Don’t forget to include them in your education and training. You never know , they might give you the edge over other resumes. 


Now go make the best representation of you on paper!


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