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Live classes

The education system trains people to read and write but when it comes to speaking, we don’t know who’s at fault. A lot of people searching for jobs think that they don’t know enough English. Knowing English increases the employability. 

Don’t worry! enguru has got you covered.

Why enguru?

  • Traveling after work to English classes sounds very tedious. 
  • You don’t have to travel, and you don’t have to worry about practice. 
  • Learning English becomes effective only when we practice it.
  • Enguru gives you an opportunity to practice what you have learnt.
  • The Enguru app gives you an opportunity to increase your employability.

Things you need

  • A smartphone 
  • A good internet connection
  • 50 minutes of your time and some enthusiasm

How does it work?

  • The Enguru app’s live feature helps you set up a classroom anywhere and everywhere. 
  • You will be assigned a teacher who is certified by the Cambridge university. 
  • The classroom will have similarly enthusiastic people like you connecting from across the country. 

What happens in a live class?

  • The classes are lively, interactive and are designed according to your level of English. 
  • Don’t worry the platform is designed in such a way that the students get benefited from the classes completely without any hindrance. 
  • You can interact with the teacher, clarify your doubts and interact with other fellow participants.
  • Participating in the class activities like role plays and getting engaged in conversations helps you to up-skill your knowledge.
  • Interacting with other participants and practicing what you’ve learnt makes you confident.
  • Immediate practice of the language learnt gives you more confidence to use it after the class.

How does it benefit me?

  • The class resources will be available on the app after the class. You can use them for your future reference. 
  • The classes are designed to suit your needs. They are designed to make you speak English confidently. 
  • The class timings are also set in such a way that the students get the maximum benefit out of it. 
  • There are multiple time slots and classes happen from 9am to 11pm. You are free to attend as many sessions as you want. 

How do I start?

We appreciate your interest to learn English. We love to see you excelling so, your first class is on us. You heard it right. The first session is absolutely free. Once you complete the first session, all you need to do is:

  • Click the live tab
  • Select ‘join now’
  • Choose the plan according to your availability (weekday/weekend)
  • Choose the dates on the calendar with topics
  • Choose the time slots

Remember, if you pay for a session, you can attend multiple sessions in a day. 

How do I buy classes?

You can buy these classes using enguru coins.

  • You can buy enguru coins 
  • You can earn them by playing games in the app. Every right answer you give fetches you some coins.

What do they teach?

  • Independent topics (The topics aren’t interrelated, and you don’t have to worry about missing classes)
  • Everyday vocabulary (E.g.: In my free time, how to describe memorable events, etc.,)

If not knowing English had been a drawback in your life, then don’t worry, we’ve given you the solution. Remember, you’re carrying an English teacher in your pocket. Happy learning!

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