How to learn English overnight?

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You read it right. Yes, I’ll tell you how to learn a language but, I’m not sure of the last part. Learning a language is easy for some people but It’s seems like a herculean task for the others. Research says that the more languages you know, the quicker your brain functions. 

Children born to multilingual parents are exposed to more languages than the others. One of the major reasons why people learn languages are for survival reasons. English is one of such major languages that serves as a connecting factor, across the globe. Let’s see some quick and easy steps to learn English or any new language.  

Stay awake

Focus on your need to learn the language. Practice the language every day. If you don’t have a partner, then read aloud or speak along with your favorite movie characters.

To reap the harvest, you have to sow!

A widely addressed issue is that people say that they run out of words when they try to speak in a newly learnt language. This is because it’s important sow a good amount of vocabulary before trying to harvest. To speak fluently, you should read without hesitation. Reading is a good way to get exposed to a new language. As you read, your brain picks up new vocabulary you come across and let’s you use it while speaking. So, read!

It’s good to unlearn

We tend to be using certain phrases that we came across before we actually start learning a language. As we start learning, we would realize that we’ve been using it wrong. In such cases, try your best to unlearn such stuffs. When you unlearn something, you’re actually freeing a lot of space in your memory. This would help you store the newly relearned stuffs. 

E.g.: The right way to say Wednesday is “wens-dei” and not “wed-nes-day”.

Accept the errors

It’s okay to make mistakes. The mistakes you make while you’re learning a new language, will actually serve as a catalyst and speedup the process. The word order for each language is different so, don’t try to translate literally. When someone corrects your mistakes, accept it and correct yourself immediately. That helps you progress quickly. 

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