What are some good negotiation tactics?

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How hard can negotiating be?



Unless you are living under a rock or you don’t require any services from people, you need to negotiate through your day with people, situations. You need to compromise, edit plans or sometimes look at an entirely different strategy. Here are a few pointers if you are new to negotiating.


Listen, Listen, Listen!!


Make sure you use the full potential of your two ears. Businesses are willing to negotiate because they are interested in each other’s involvement. If you can figure out their expectations, you can drive the negotiation talks.


Time can weave magic:


The crucial part of any negotiation is the time and the stage at which the negotiation takes place. Businesses run on timelines and timelines mean deadlines. Picking your time for negotiation can sometimes make or break a deal. 


What do you want to negotiate on?


Negotiations are needed because the two parties refuse to agree on certain aspects. Find out what they are and figure out how much this matters to you. Always know your terms and what you want out of the negotiation. 


Always be willing to walk out:


Negotiations fail. Period. The good part is only some of them do. The rest are settled on a few takeaways and compromises. After all most of the demands are something you want. Only a few are something you need. Walk out if the deal is harmful to you. 


Get something for your compromise:

If you compromise on something as part of the deal, always make sure you get some leniency or benefit to justify the compromise. Compromises are hard sometimes but just maybe it was the best offer on the table.


Learn to negotiate and learn quick. Stop missing on freebies which are waiting for you, if only you ever ask.


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