Phrasal verbs for workplace

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Phrasal verbs for workplace

Have you ever sat in a meeting and got confused because someone asked you to “look into something”, or “take off”?

Today we will discuss such words. These are called Phrasal Verbs. These have 2 parts, a main verb like do, get, take etc. and a particle. This particle can usually be a preposition or an adverb like in, on, at, by. The meaning of phrasal verbs does not remain same if you use the parts (Main verb, Preposition/ Adverb) separately.

Some most commonly used phrasal verbs at workplaces are as follows:

  1. Called in – to call the place at which you work. For example: Abha has called in with her schedule.
  2. Look into – to identify the facts about a problem or situation. For example: We are looking into hiring more people.
  3. Drop by – to pay a visit to someone. For example: Bob dropped by before leaving for the day.
  4. Call off – When a planned activity does not happen. For example: Due to the heavy rains, tomorrow’s training has been called off.
  5. Ask around To ask many people to get information or help. For example: I have been asking around for the training venue.
  6. Back up – To provide support to someone/ something. For example: To back up my conclusion, I have performed a root cause analysis.

Why should you know about Phrasal Verbs?

Phrasal verbs strengthen one’s Business English. Through phrasal verbs, your workplace conversations will become better because they are used everyday spoken and written English. Using phrasal verbs removes the risk of sounding unprofessional to one’s stakeholders in business negotiations.

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