How to become a fluent English speaker?

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We often wonder why we are not fluent in English while we know the grammar of the language. The reason could be beyond not having a wide range of vocabulary. It could be because of

  • Being unaware of how think on the feet


  • Translating from mother tongue


  • Not having a wide range of vocabulary


Being unaware of how to think on the feet

We don’t get to practice thinking on the feet but almost every time we get to speak in English, we think on the feet and speak. However, due to lack of practice in speaking English, we tend to translate from mother tongue. Trying to speaking in English as much as possible could be one of the solutions to enhancing our fluency.  

Translating from mother tongue


We tend to think in the language that we often listen to. If we often listen to a regional language, we would think in the regional language and translate it to English. Listening to native speakers of English (through TV channels like BBC, National Geographic or Discovery) and watching English movies will help us to start thinking English which in turn would help us to avoid translating from mother tongue.


Not having a wide range of vocabulary


There are umpteen ways to enhance our vocabulary. Reading books is the best way to enhance our vocabulary. If we don’t have time to read books, we could read magazines or blogs about the topics that excite us. Watching movies, English serials and short videos on Youtube on which you get to hear from native speakers of English could help. ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis is one of the best books to learn a lot of words. The playlist on Youtube title ‘BBC Six Minute Vocabulary’ from the channel BBC Learning English. 


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