How to write a CV?

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A CV, short form of Curriculum Vitae, also known as a Resume, is a very important document. When you’re searching for a job, it is the first document that an employer sees. Hence, it is one of the most important topics in a Business English class.

Let’s look at a few tips, which will help us write a CV

1. Get the basics right

– Your CV should include your personal and contact information, your education and qualifications, your work experience if any, the relevant skills, your interests, achievements and hobbies. 

2. Presentation & Format

– A well-formatted CV, which is pleasing to the eyes, is always more successful than a CV with bad formatting. Check the font size, colour, and spacing before sending it across. Use bullets to give your CV a neater look.


The upper-middle area of the CV is where all the important information should be written, as that’s what will catch the recruiter’s eye first. Make sure your CV isn’t crumpled, if you’re carrying a hard copy of it. 

1. 2 pages

– Write your CV in not more than 2 pages of an A4 size sheet – no one has the time to go through long descriptions. 

2. Tailor the CV

– Understand the job description and tailor your CV to the role required. Do not have a general CV to send out to everyone – put an effort into making your CV suitable to the role that you’re applying for. 

3. Highlight skills, experience and interest

– This is important especially if it suits the requirements of the job. 

4. Include references

– Reference should be from someone who you have worked for in the past. Try and include two if you can.  

5. Review language and update regularly

– Lastly, do not forget to review the language that you’ve used – check for spelling and grammar errors if any. Keep updating your CV, so that you don’t miss out of any important events that should’ve been included.

What are you waiting for? Start working on your CV now!

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