Benefits of tongue twisters

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If you’ve tried to read this out loud and ended up having a good laugh, welcome to the world of Tongue Twisters!



What is a Tongue Twister?

Tongue twisters are nothing but a series of words, having similar sounds, which are difficult to pronounce easily. They are called tongue twisters because when we say it, it feels like our tongue is getting twisted. 



Tongue Twisters are a lot of fun and are a very good group activity. However, what we often forget is how useful they are in pronunciation and speaking.  Let’s look at some benefits of tongue twisters:



  • Strengthen and stretch the speech muscles


The sooner one starts practicing tongue twisters, the easier it is for them to learn new sounds. Tongue twisters stretch out the speech muscles and strengthen them, so that one is able to produce different sounds clearly. People, who practice tongue twisters, often have the clearest speech.  



  • Improves pronunciation and neutralises accent


Tongue twisters are used by Communication trainers in Spoken English institutes, as well as by Corporates, to help people overcome MTI (Mother tongue influence). It helps in identifying the problem sounds. Once you know where the problem lies, you can focus on the sound and practice it till you become perfect! Recording your voice and listening to it later, really helps in identifying these problems sounds and working on them. 



  • Energiser 


Last, but not the least, they serve as very good energizers for a language or pronunciation classroom. Whenever you see your learners getting bored, you could use a tongue twister to bring in energy and add some fun to your class.  Try it!


How to learn tongue twisters?

Now that you know how useful they are, all you need to do is start practicing them. Here’s a tip. Start with pronouncing the words slowly, stressing on the beginning and end of each word. Slowly, increase the speed. Speak in front of a mirror if it works for you! Remember, if you make a mistake, start over – no cheating!

What are you waiting for? Start twisting your tongue!

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