Present Simple Vs Present Continuous

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When I was working as a communication coach, I used to interview the candidates to analyse the communication skills when I went for campus interviews to colleges. When the candidates speak about their families, they sometimes say “I am having a brother?” Do you think this is a correct sentence?

“I am having a brother” either means I am eating my brother (I am having salad – I am eating salad) or it means my brother exists only now but I did not have a brother in the past and will not have him in the future.

Present continuous

Present continuous is used to refer to something that’s happening now. It doesn’t refer to something that is permanent. For example, ‘I am drinking coffee’ means that at the moment, I am drinking coffee. However, I may not be a person who prefers coffee.

We can use ‘am/is/are + v-ing’ form for something that is happening now.





He You





Simple Present

Simple present is used when something is true for a long duration or for something that’s permanent. 

Simple present is used to talk about routine, habits, hobbies/interests and universal truth.


I have brother – It’s always true

I drink coffee – I always drink coffee. It’s my habit

She wakes up at 5:00 AM – Routine

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