enguru for Retail | A case study on SPI Cinemas

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SPI Cinemas – an Indian multiplex chain and film production company was looking for ways to improve the English communication skills of their employees who deal with customers both face to face and over email & social media.

The key challenge for SPI Cinemas was getting these employees, who were spread across the country, to assemble at one place and undergo a traditional classroom training.  Our team met with SPI Cinemas and walked them through our app-based learning programs, where employees could learn anytime, anywhere. 

Structure of the program

150 employees spent 20 hours on our enguru app over the span of 12 weeks

  •  All employees took a pre assessment test, based on which they were assigned a starting level of English so that each student’s learning journey was personalized. 
  • enguru also trained the SPI Cinemas in-house trainers to conduct blended learning classroom sessions midcourse based on the content learned on enguru.
  • After course completion, each employee took a post assessment test, which was compared to the pre assessment test to showcase improvement.

Learning Outcomes

  • Overall improvement – ~70% of the employees improved their communication skills post the course
  • Engagement – On average, employees completed 84% of the content and spent 21 hours on the app
  • Confidence – Users reported an increase in confidence in speaking English.  


Vivek V, Duty Manager at SPI Cinemas

enguru transforms mobile devices into powerful teaching tools, the best learning app. Loved the conversations part which is very helpful for us in direct conversations. It is user-friendly and hence was very interested to complete more levels. I just loved the app

Following the success of the project, SPI Cinemas is going ahead with another batch this performance year and also planning to tie up with PVR who recently acquired SPI Cinemas.

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