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Presentation’ is one of the very commonly used words in corporate training and development. When we witness presentations delivered by others, there is a good possibility that we find the presentation very boring and monotonous.

A lot of us would have heard Tony Robbins say that our body language contributes to 93 percent of our communication. When you are sure of the content you are going to deliver and especially when you are sure that you have made it interesting enough for the participants who are going to witness your session, you will feel more confident and it would definitely reflect in your body language. In this blog, we are going to tell you how to make your presentations less boring by creating a catchy content.

There are three important elements which make your presentations catchy and also add credibility to it. They are –

1. Comparisons
2. Examples
3. Stories


Comparisons help people to understand concepts in no time. For example, while trying to explain ‘how emails work’, you can use the compare that role of internet with that of a postman. The function of an eye can be compared to that of a camera. A regular health check that needs to be performed on your machine before starting the day could be compared to the routine of brushing your teeth.


Including relevant examples is a factor which one can’t afford to skip while delivering presentations. After explaining a concept, never forget to substantiate with appropriate examples.


Stories are the pathways to success in business communication. Stories attract the attention of people of all ages. Steve jobs is believed to be the best story teller. Story telling is an art form which would certainly demand another piece of writing. However, weaving a story around the concept you are trying to deliver to the audience will help them to understand it easily. A story involves characters, some challenges and a conclusion, which is a solution to the challenges.

For example: John was developing software with his team. John was afraid what if they found a few bugs in the code when they are on the verge of completion. If that happens, it would cost them a lot of time, effort and money. That’s when the tools developed by our company helped him. The tools developed by us help developers to deduct the bugs at a much earlier stage in the software development.

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