enguru for Skilling Centers | A case study on Magic Bus

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Magic Bus India Foundation is one of the largest poverty alleviation programs in India working with nearly 400,000 children and 9000 trained volunteer mentors across 22 states in India. Magic Bus works with some of the India’s poorest children and young adults by helping them improve their livelihoods through a variety of interventions.

Magic Bus partnered with enguru to run blended learning programs across their centers in India.

Structure of the course

  • Students take a pre-assessment test on the app, based on which they receive personalized content mapped to their level of English.
  • The assessment is followed by 20 hours of self-learning on the app, which is spread across 6 weeks.
  • Students simultaneously go through teacher led-sessions for approximately 30 minutes everyday. These teaching sessions are based on levels completed on the app to give students extra speaking practice.
  • After course completion, each student takes a post-assessment test on the app, which is then compared to the pre-assessment test results to calculate improvement.
  • Certificates are provided to students who complete the course. These certificates are recognized by over 100+ organizations in India.
  • After completing the 6-week course, students chose one of enguru’s domain specific courses (English for Retail, Banking, BPO, Hospitality, Healthcare etc) to continue their learning journey and prepare for a career they are interested in.  


  • Result – Out of 319 students, 247 students improved in their English while 72 students stayed at the same level.

  • Each student spent an average of 18 hours on the app.
  • About ~80% of the students completed more than 75% of the content on the app.


  •  I think Enguru acts like a book for the generation who wants to be independent & believes in experiential learning. It can prove to be a great tool to accelerate the process of language learning if used in the right manner: Himani Walia – Magic Bus Trainer.
  • It gives me a lot of skills to communicate with others And I can overcome with the difficult grammar, It was helpful for my growth and profession: Arun Kumar – Magic Bus Student.
  • It’s useful for communication purpose, gaining knowledge, learning new words and different type of pronunciations: Selva Kavitha – Magic Bus Student.

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