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’Learning is the essence of transformation’’ is something I have always believed in. I was skeptical of its application at first when I was told that one of my clients, the Oberoi group of hotels, would like enguru to train its staff on English for Hotel Industry.

This was soon organized when I discussed with the rest of my team and was informed that the training for Oberoi, Shimla is happening in 3 phases. The first phase is a 20-hour classroom training session. The second phase is the use of enguru app which offers e-learning corporate training programme. The third phase is another 20-hour classroom training session which will take place after the app-based learning.

Phase 1 – Classroom training

The classroom training was interesting because it extensively revolved around the communication skills in English related to the Hotel Industry. This covered all the nuances of Business English. For example: for one of the activities, the students were paired and asked to make requests and respond to these requests related to the real life guest interactions that they have experienced. This exposed them to freely use English learnt.

Phase 2 – Enguru app usage

The classroom training was followed by regular usage of Enguru app which provides corporate training gamification capitalizing on the learner’s existing communication knowledge through Phase 1 of the training. This was also accompanied by other aids, like weekly webinars which provided an opportunity to the students to revise the content learnt on the app and in the classroom training.

Phase 3 – Classroom training

Phase 3 of this project is in pipeline. This will be a classroom training and will focus specifically on the challenges faced by the students in application of English learnt from Phase 1 till Phase 3. This will also include how to write business emails and email etiquette, to name a few modules.

Overall experience

Training in Hospitality Industry has made me realise that customer service is ingrained in the minds of these executives. That is something I did not struggle with at all. Overall, it was a refreshing experience to meet and train executives from different walks of life.

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