enguru’s English language and employability skills training | A case study on Voltas

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Voltas – an Indian MNC specializing in air conditioning and cooling technology – operates skill development centers across India. Students at these centers get trained to become electricians & AC repair technicians.

enguru partnered with Votas to run blended learning programs in English language and employability skills for over 550 students across 5 centres in India. The aim of the course was to provide these students with the essential English language-driven skills they needed to succeed at their jobs.

Challenges faced by Voltas

Coming largely from lower income groups and non-English medium educational backgrounds, the students face great hurdles in finding professional sector employment. Without English and the appropriate soft skills, such graduates are largely deemed unemployable in the modern marketplace.

They are not skilled in basic Business English which includes report writing – a skill essential in the life of a technician. Poorly written work reports prevented Voltas from understanding the needs of their clients and compiling useful technical data.

How enguru helped?

  • Course Structure: enguru launched a 50-hour blended learning program, a combination of app-based self-learning and teacher-led interactive sessions.
  • Curriculum content: The enguru team designed custom content for the students, which included modules on refrigeration and air conditioning repair. Combining this custom content with modules on general English allowed the students to relate to the curriculum & further engage with the content.
  • Offline Capability: The enguru team also designed the app to function without internet, which allowed students to use the app extensively without having to worry about connectivity issues.

Learning outcomes


Enguru has really helped me practice my grammar skills and improve my vocabulary. What I like most is the conversation lessons. I can practice at home without anyone around me and this has helped me a lot.”Akash Pal, a Voltas student

The students have participated actively and learners have improved on their writing and communication skills. Their concept of grammar has especially improved a lot.” Rekha Misra, Voltas Centre Manager

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