enguru for skilling | A case study on the Naandi Foundation

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The Naandi Foundation is one of the largest social sector organizations in India working to eradicate poverty. The organization’s N-Star Centres support adolescent girls across the country through livelihood programs.

Naandi partnered with enguru to run spoken English programs for 40 girls in Hyderabad. The girls were evenly divided between an enguru app only program and a blended learning program, which involved teacher-led interactive sessions along with app-based learning. An additional 20 girls were part of a control group with no enguru intervention.

Structure of the course

The students went through 160 levels on the app, equivalent to 20 hours over the span of 12 weeks.

  •  All students took a pre assessment test, based on which they received a personalized course according to their current English level.
  • For the blended group of students, self-learning was coupled with a 1 hour teacher sessions every week. These sessions were aimed at giving participants additional speaking and writing practice, which reinforced app learning.
  • After course completion, each student took a post assessment test, which was compared with the pre assessment test to showcase improvement.


  • Progress: 83% (33 students) of all students in both the blended and app only programs improved one CEFR level. The remaining 17% (7 students) of students improved within their current level of English. However, in the control group, we saw only 20% (4 students) of students improving, all within their current level of English.
  • Time spent: On an average each student spent 20 hours on the app and managed to complete 153 levels.


Shruti Padmanabhan, project manager at Naandi Foundation stated “enguru assisted us in our objective of empowering adolescent girls with the skills (English, digital learning) necessary to help them gain access to better employment opportunities.”

The willingness of some of the participants to learn more and the confidence that they gained by the end of the course was overwhelming. As a group, they applied themselves, enjoyed themselves, and made great progress” said Shazia, the enguru teacher who conducted the blended learning sessions.

I like enguru very much because it helped me understand my mistakes and now I am able to speak English fluently and very confidently” – Swapna, Naandi Foundation student.

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