Simple Past Tense v/s Present Perfect Tense

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Corporate training education is incomplete without the knowledge of Tenses. We uses Tenses to talk about three times, the past, the present, and the future. Two popular tenses of the past which are often confused are the Simple Past Tense and the Present Perfect Tense.


Which is correct out of these 2 sentences:

  1. I went to Delhi. 
  2. I have gone to Delhi.

Look at them again! Is one of them incorrect or incomplete?


The first sentence is in the Simple Past Tense and is incomplete.

The second sentence is in the Present Perfect Tense and is correct.


Here is the difference between the two:

Simple Past

Present Perfect

A timeline of the past is used with this tense. For example: I went to Delhi in 2014. No timeline is used with this tense. For example, I have gone to Delhi.
Timelines of the past like yesterday, day before yesterday, last week, last month, last year, last Christmas are used. Recent timelines like just, already, and yet are used.
This tense is used to talk about the actions which started in the past and got over in the past. For example: We watched a movie yesterday. This tense is used to talk about the actions which recently got over. It is also used to talk about experiences. For example: I have never gone swimming.


Why should you know the difference between the two?


English speaking and business writing can immensely improve by knowing the difference between these tenses. They also provide more clarity to the listener and help you with accuracy.


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