Interview Tips- words to describe personality

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You might attend interviews in corporates in which you could be asked to describe your personality. You could also be asked questions regarding how you would deal with people who have certain personality traits. These are a few adjectives which are used to describe people’s personality:



  1. An affectionate person shows feelings of liking or love towards others.
  2. An aggressive person gets angry quickly and either behaves violently towards other people and/or argues.
  3. An ambitious person has goals in life and wants to be successful and/or rich.
  4. An anxious person gets worried and/or nervous too soon.
  5. A bossy person likes giving orders to other people.
  6. A charming person has a pleasant and attractive personality and others like him/her.
  7. Competitive people always want to perform better than others or want to win.
  8. Independent people do not need help from others and are not controlled by others.
  9. A jealous person tends to get angry and upset because the person he/she loves is interested in another person or because the other person has things that he/she wants.
  10. Moody people’s moods change very quickly. They can be happy one minute, and the next minute they could be angry. They are often bad-tempered. 

Knowing the different personality traits will increase your chances of clearing the interview because you will be able to describe yourself better. They will also improve your business negotiations as you will be able to refrain from using negative words to describe others.

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