A corporate training experience with Bosch

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enguru organised business communication training for apprentices of Bosch. They faced many challenges in writing professional emails. Professional emails are not just emails without grammatical mistakes. Sometimes, grammar is overlooked in business English.

You must be wondering. “Is grammar the only factor that bothers me while communicating in English or while writing emails”. If you think so, then there’s more that you need to pay attention to, if you frequently write business emails.  


Tips to improve business email writing

We have seen a lot of emails that have an appropriate opening, a very clear message but there would be no closing line for the email. Would you like to watch a movie which doesn’t have a climax? The lines with which you end an email paves way for a new beginning the rapport you build with the recipient. One of the best ways to end an email is to say “If you have any questions, please let me know. I would be happy to assist”


‘Courtesy and professionalism’ plays a crucial role in Email etiquette. The participants practiced writing a lot of emails using various polite words and phrases for a number of scenarios. They started implementing this immediately at work. They also got feedback that their emails look more professional after the training.


Course content

As a part of the business communication training which was planned for the apprentice, we allotted sufficient time to cover Email etiquette. 

We also taught the sandwich method of writing emails to the participants. To convey sensitive messages, it’s always good to follow the sandwich approach. Through lots of mock scenarios for writing emails, we helped the participants to work on the sandwich approach which certainly enhanced their diplomacy in writing.



At the end of the course, the participants were quite confident about writing emails that look extremely professional. They understood how to write emails using polite and professional words and phrases, start and end the emails with statements that help build a rapport and use the sandwich approach while writing sensitive messages. 


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