Parts of Speech

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To learn English, it is important to know how words are used in sentences so that the sentences are grammatically correct. Parts of speech help with this and also let you know about the punctuation of the sentence. Owing to this, your business writing can improve immensely.

A part of speech is the category to which a word belongs in accordance with its functions. There are 8 parts of speech.

  1. Nouns:

    A noun is the name of a person, place, or a thing. For example:

  • Madhu
  • Paris
  • Gujarat
  • Table
  1. Pronouns:

    A word which replaces a noun is called a pronoun. For example:

  • She replaces Madhu. She is the pronoun.
  • It replaces Paris. It is the pronoun.
  1. Verbs

          Verbs show

  • State of being: is, am, are, was, were, be, being
  • Possession: has, have, had
  • Action: Run, dance, jog, play
  1. Adjectives:

    A word which describes a noun/ pronoun is called an adjective. For example:

  • Arun is intelligent.
  • Tanya is pretty.
  • Bangalore is clean.
  1. Adverbs:

    Adverbs are words which describe a noun, adjective, or another adverb.

  • She frequently asks me for money. (‘Asks’ is the verb here. ‘Frequently’ describes asks. That is why, frequently is the adverb.)
  • Rashmi is extremely tall. (‘Tall’ is the adjective here as it describes Rashmi. ‘extremely’ describes tall. Therefore, very is the adverb.)
  • She works on the project very carefully. (‘Works’ is the verb here. ‘Carefully’ is the adverb as it describes the manner in which work is done. ‘Very’ describes carefully. Therefore, very is also an adverb.)
  1. Prepositions:

    Prepositions are words which show location, position, movement, and/or direction. For example:

  1. My book is on the table.
  2. Turn left from the elevator.
  1. Interjections:

    Interjections are used to express emotions. For example:

  • Alas
  • Hurray
  • Really
  • Wow
  • Yay
  1. Conjunctions:

    Conjunctions join two words or sentences or clauses. For example:

  • as well as
  • as
  • because
  • while
  • not only……..but also
  • either or/ neither nor
  • If, then

Why should you know the parts of speech?

Knowledge of these will help you in your business negotiations since you will be framing stronger sentences after knowing how to use each word in sentences. They will also help you in enhancing your writing skills. This will help you in portraying your writing efficiency as that of an advanced English writer.

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