enguru’s corporate communication skills training for retail| A case study on Trent

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enguru launched an app-based course designed for customer-facing staff at Westside stores across India. The 12-week course began roll-out in October 2017, with Trent renewing the program in March 2018 following significant learning outcomes from the first batch.

A customized version of enguru’s ‘English for Retail’ course includes modules focused on retail-specific scenarios such as greeting customers, explaining product features, accepting payments etc.


  • Communication gap between customer facing staff and consumers.
  • Lack of confidence in speaking fluent English.
  • Large employee base spread across the country, thereby ruling out face to face training
  • Different work timings across stores and departments


enguru launched app based corporate training for Trent’s retail staff to address the challenges faced by the organisation.

Retail specific content – App content was focused on customer facing scenarios ranging from product returns and cash counter sales to dealing with annoyed customers and explaining product features. By learning English relevant to their workplace, Trent staff were more vested in the program and their own learning outcomes.

Scalable – Staff downloaded enguru on their mobile devices and completed levels during their free time – either at home or during their commute to work. Their work schedules remained unchanged.

The gamified modules helped engage the employees with the program. Leaderboards and multiplayer allowed them to compete with colleagues at other store locations and work as a team to achieve the “Best Store” award

Vernacular content – The ability to learn English from their local languages provided an environment of familiarity for the staff, resulting in more time spent learning on the app.

Supportenguru provided robust operational support by tracking weekly performance and assisting the students throughout the program.


  • Overall improvement – Majority of the users who completed the course improved in their communication skills.
  • Boost in confidence – Store managers observed that their employees had more confidence and spoke fluent English.
  • Personal growth – The participants found app based learning helpful even outside their professional lives

Induction program launchedenguru app is now being used as part of Trent on-boarding induction programme.

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Himanshu from Westside Rudrapur, Uttarakhand shared his experience of using enguru app:

“Earlier I tried to speak English but I was not able to. After completing the lessons on enguru spoken English app, I’m able to speak fluent English. The app also helped me solving problems such as dealing with difficult customers.”

Sachin from Westside South Ex, Delhi says:

“I used enguru app and I found it to be excellent. The course is related to work and thus it is helpful for us at the workplace. It has improved my vocabulary and the level of communication with the customer.”

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